We're All Grieving--Support During This Uncertain Time

Welcome to 2020. We’re living in a time where there is uncertainty (which our brain dislikes), fear, mounting death and illness, lack of supplies, 24/7 social/news, and isolation, all to fight an invisible foe. If you wanted to create a perfect storm, we’re living it. So, yeah, it’s OK to grieve. We’re all grieving something now... ...the loss of a job, financial security, loss of a family member due to the virus, loss of freedom to go where you want to go, when you want to go, the loss of being at home without every single family member there, loss of that trip you were going to go on, the inability to visit a loved one in the hospital, the inability to have neighbors, friends or family over, the loss of identity or purpose.  Or, the issues you were dealing with before all of this came crashing down. The list goes on.  Although we’re all “in the same boat,” there are different areas and points of view from that boat. This situation easily calls forth